Procedure for Complain Against an Advocate

You should register a complaint with the Bangladesh Bar Council if you believe that your lawyer acted improperly but not just because there is some disagreement between you or you believe he or she did a poor job.

All lawyers who practice in Bangladesh Juridical System must live up to ethical standards imposed by the Bangladesh Bar Council and the Government Republic of Bangladesh. As an arm of the Bangladesh Bar Council, the Bangladesh Bar Council Tribunal investigates and prosecutes complaints against lawyers.

Bangladesh Bar Council has authority to discipline lawyers for such behavior as rudeness or making a single honest mistake. It is limited by law to complaints about unethical behavior as defined in the Canons of Professional Conduct and Etiquette.

You can send us a complaint by email, facsimile or post outlining the details of your concerns by using the DOC version of our complaint form.

Be sure to follow the instructions:

  • Complaint Form
  • Complaints must be in writing.
  • You must be signed the Complaint Form.
  • There is BDT 1000/ fee to file a complaint.
  • You should supply photocopies of any papers, (such as letters or canceled checks that relate to the problem).